Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March Bento Days (3)

Yesterday was a hectic day. From day to night,it seemed that I didn't even have time to sit down and sip a cup of tea. Sometimes, a day's happenings makes you run around like a wild goose and by the end of the day, you cannot really recall what you did. But I am just glad everything is ok and here I am making my Bento without a hitch and I hope today will be all new and yesterday's news is all past.

Got up early this morning and it is a very dull and gloomy day. After the snow, came the rain. Waited for the sun to rise to get that natural light flowing into my kitchen window and yet the sky looked the same from 6.30 till now, which is almost 9am!

I made a spring theme Bento today. Missy E is staying back in school during lunch time and thought she might like a little pick me up, knowing that her school will not go out and play today.

As I was lacking natural light, the pictures didn't turn out good. After thousands of photo takings, I still cannot handle the tripod and I don't like taking pictures when there is no natural light. At first I thought of skipping this post entirely, but yet it will be a waste not to chronicle every bento that I made for my kids. Perhaps some people can do scrapbooking and keep their kids photos in beautiful and chronicled order, I can never do that as I am not that organized. But I would like to see my kids looking back at their Bento and comment on them.

Contents of Missy E's bento Box:

Rice flavored & colored with beet root juice
Ham and quail egg
Fruits and vegetables
Bees: made with cheese & nori
Butterfly: made with ham, nori & fish cake
Flowers: made with ham & cheese


Ling said...

OMG, the fish and butterfly are so adorable. Great job and kampate!

Lily Anette said...

You are the second person to say that is a fish! Probably it reminded you of Nemo at first glance? :) Anyways, thanks for the compliments.