Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March Bento Days (1) & (2)

It is finally March and instead of warmer days, we got a March Northeaster Snow dump! If you ask me, I would say the weather these days is pretty erratic, one day it got warm and I swear that I saw flower buds and squirrels scurrying around and the next thing you know, the icy wind is blowing right into your face and chilling down to the bones. And of course, the snow fall took the last laugh.

I was off doing nothing on cooking and blogging for the past week due to motherly duties that I must attend to. Potty training Prince D took up my entire days and I loathed this process the most after childbirth. Amidst all the running and hurrying to the bathroom, I managed to lose 2 lbs and at least that was the bright side of things. Children experts still failed to explain to me why toddlers are so smart in imitating us in everything we do or say and yet going to the potty is such an alien thing.
I wanted to introduce more types of vegetables to my kids and this time I got a bunch of red radish. We do not normally have red radish except when we have salad outside the house and frankly speaking, it doesn't really taste good without the Ranch dressing! Partly due to the fact that it taste really raw in the bite and the slight bitterness may not sit in well with kids' palates. But I like its small size and of course, its bright red color. Perhaps I should go figure on how to cook it with other ingredients to make it more interesting. Till then, I will entice my kids to taste it as it is.

Curry was feeling a little bit under the weather due to the snow shovelling and I think he was over-stressed for staying at home with the kids and me for the continuous 3 days of the weekend. Something about my kids, they misbehave alot when their father is around and the atmosphere in the house is always rowdy with either one screaming or the other crying or both running happily up and down the 3 flight of stairs in my house with the energy and strength of monkeys! But once in a while, I think this type of off-day for Curry is good to me, at least he knows that staying home with kids is not easy and give me a break when I need one. And so I made him something simple, without the extra oil or fat while the kids get all the fun of eating crispy pan fried fish patties and a side dipping of Ranch dressing to go along with their radish.

Contents of Curry's Bento Box

Deep fried tofu pouches (Inari), stuffed with rice and garnished with black sesame seeds. Rolled up omelette with steamed tofu, stuffed with fish paste and corn & peas.

I made the fish paste from mahi mahi , which was mixed and processed with cornstarch, pepper & salt together with egg white. It was then piped into the cavities that I made on the tofu pieces and wiped with some cornstarch so it sticks during the steaming process.

Contents of the Kids' Bento Boxes

Rice balls with pasta for the hair part. Pan fried fish patties with steamed broccoli and cauliflower. Radish, baby tomato wedges,strawberry together with peas and corn completed the box.

As expected Missy E didn't like the radish at first bite until I offered her the Ranch dressing and she happily dipped and gobbled away. The fish patties were the same fish paste I used for Curry's stuffed tofu, but I added a bit more cornflour to it and coated it with egg and breadcrumb before pan frying them on low heat.

The character in Missy E's box didn't turn out very good this time as the rice was a bit disintegrated when I was shaping it and once it was in the box, I couldn't be bothered to dig it out and fix it. But I like how the black squid ink pasta made up the hair part with the 2 cut out flower shapes from the spinach flavored pasta and usual pasta. I got a pack of mixed pasta from a specialty store and once in a while I get lucky to see these products which can really spruce up any Bento.

Prince D looks exactly like the character in his Bento Box when I tell him to go potty. I wonder how long do I have to train him and I am dying to see that moment when he automatically goes by himself and I can say bye bye to diapers!


goldensparks said...

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Bento Pet said...

If it's any consolation to you, one of my girls was on diapers until XL couldn't fit any more.

I shan't embarass her by telling you how old she was. We used to crack our head on how to we should probably join two pieces of XL together just so she wouldn't 'leak' on the floor!