Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February Bento Days (5)

What do people do to release their stress? One thing that I really detest is that when some people with paid salary in the working world think stay home mom stress is imaginary and only a mediocre matter compared to theirs with bossess and colleagues. Seriously, dealing with kids 24/7 and 365 days with no avenues for complaining my day and knowing that I cannot delegate nor expect team work for contribution of time and effort except for a little evening time and weekends from Curry, I am proud that I haven't collapse and drop dead from this everyday stressful life of mine.

Yesterday was a stressful day with the usual story of kids and their unreasonable behaviors and forgivable mischieves. Most of the times, I can hold my anger and composure and even appear stoic under cats & dogs situations but yesterday was beyond what I could handle! The mood was so bad that I did nothing for dinner and let Curry prepared dinner and to de-stress, I resorted to my kitchen at 9pm to do my prep work for today's Bento box. 1 hour into doing it, my stress was gone and most importantly, the 2 little human who caused the 'commotion' in my life had gone to bed! All in a day's work and fearful the day will repeat itself the next day!

The first thing that really captured my attention when I first looked into kids Bento was the character of the baby chick hatching out of the egg. I was so amazed on how people came up with such an idea. The idea of making the yolk appearing as the yellow baby chick and the egg white as the cracking egg shell is so playful and brilliant. Perhaps I overcooked the eggs as the yolk's color was murky rather than bright yellow. The jagged edge that forms the cracked egg shell look was done by making small incisions with the tip of a sharp knife. I made some chicken rolls by first pounding a large piece of chicken breast meat and rolling it up with nori and carrot sticks, which were then steamed for 15 minutes on medium heat.

I made a bear's face out of ham and cheese slice for Missy E's box. The right side ear was a bit loop sided from the melting of the cheese after I placed it on the warm sushi rice. For Prince D's box, I just punched out the bear and claw shapes on the nori.

Today's Bento boxes were completed with fruit and boxed raisins. It was the first time that I got to pack complete Bento boxes for my kids to bring along to a playdate. Afterall the stress I had with them, I still go back to putting them first in everything I do without me realizing it! Sometimes I do wonder if I still have my own life and yet at times, I try to imagine what will I do if I was given a whole day to myself without the kids.... I will sip coffee and eat cake at a quaint little shop and yet I will still hear 'Mommy' in my mind...... huh! the life of a mother. Love it or like it but you CANNOT hate it.

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Ling said...

I bet Missy E and Prince D's friends were really jealous of their super cute bento boxes.