Saturday, January 3, 2009


Belated Travel Posts!
X'mas Day 2008
Drove for 7 hours to West Chester PA to see my cousin & her family. Good weather, extra smooth traffic and excited kids. Great duck dinner too.

Friday Dec 26 2008
Got up early and out of the house by 9am... travelling with the kids makes an efficient parent out of me! Drove less than 2 hours towards West to Hershey, PA! Yes, food stop.... what else!! Not bad... free parking for 2 hours and no admissions fees to the Chocolate World Tour. Not a very big fan of Hershey chocolates though except for its cookies & cream nuggets and managed to hold the wallet and sampled the samples instead! Talk about frugality! Missy E and Prince D had a great time and so did the parents! Luckily the Park was closed, or else Curry will be so ready to go for a ride on the gigantic roller coaster which I shiver just by the look of it! Amazing town too, Mr. Hershey was a great man with a very sweet taste in life!

Saturday Dec 27 2008

The idea of seeing the Dutch Pennsylvannia Country lifestyle was a last minute idea. Since the weather was good, and I was not interested to get all worked up going to shopping malls to look for bargains, we left for another road trip to Lancaster, PA. Slightly over an hour drive through farms, green open spaces and silos, we ventured into Amish people's territories. Their lifestyles of choice which was simplicity and plain will be very difficult for me, the suburbanite minivan mum and I cannot comment more than that! Our first stop was the National Christmas centre which was amazing as the one stop Museum for everything you ever wanted to know or see about X'mas from the past to the present. Worth every dollar of the admission fee charged!

The towns in this County have names which jolts the imagination..Intercourse, Paradise etc. The Amish people are very religious people, going about their lives with strict observations of their theological beliefs and teachings. Their horse buggies are just as usual as the cars that rides the country roads. Lancaster County is really a tourist place but I believe the Amish people would rather not have all the attention. Managed to try out the famous "Shoo Fly Pie" at the Dutch Haven and it was good. And also the famous Pretzels. As always, never missed any chance to pick up a local recipe book titled Pennsylvannia Dutch Cooking.... for a mere $1.99! To cook or not to cook is another option!

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terri@adailyobsession said...

i was in philly n the penn area--beautiful country--years ago n did see the amish in their black garb n horse carts. it was so weird, i felt like i was going back in time, tt i was out of place not them.... so lucky of u to be able to drive to so many places.

happy new year btw:)