Friday, January 9, 2009

New Jersey

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Sunday December 28, 2008
Tired but time to leave Pennsylvannia. Left around 10am. Perhaps we had too much fun in serene Pennsylvannia with its courteous drivers who really uses the left lane to overtake only, we kind of forgotten on how terrible the traffic could be going into Newark New Jersey towards New York city!! To me, New Jersey Turnpike is the most adrenalin pumping driving area, especially the section towards Newark airport. Every cars seem to be rushing to catch a plane and everytime we have to drive through it, I have to calm my nerves and gather my guts regardless of my almost 20 years of driving experience.

It was not a bad day but we had a hard time locating our first destination. Exiting the Turnpike took us almost 30 mins and once we were in the local areas, we were lost for almost 1 hour. Worse, it was lunch time and I had 2 hungry kids on the backseats. At that moment, I realised that my old eruptive temper had mellowed. I am sure all couples who lost their ways during their travels go through some sort of frustration and the blaming starts. For this part of the drive, I was very sure Curry blamed me as I was the one who wanted to go to this particular place in Edgewater NJ to shop for Japanese stuffs! Strangely, despite there was that 'It is all your Fault' look on him, I wasn't bothered. See, marriages do make better people!

Once we reached Mitsuwa, it took us another 30 mins to get a parking. And I thought I was the crazy one who drove all the way passing 4 states to get there until I saw car plates from our neighboring Massachusetts. Always ready, I sent Curry and the kids to the prepared food sections to pick up To go lunches as the food court was insanely packed like rows of human sushi! Throughout the entire trip, I cannot think of anything else but plans & efficiency between Curry and I really got things going. In the end, we sat outside the store and had a picnic while shoppers passed by.

Took another 1 hour drive south to Princeton New Jersey. Our kids just went along with the ride and Missy E was excited to see our old friend, Ram and his kids. She went straight into our host's house even before I could off load the things and before I knew it, she was already chatting away with both adults and kids. Had a lovely homecooked Indian meal and loved the cranberry chutney! Looking forward to make it when I get the recipe.

Monday December 29 2008

Got up early and excited to move again. Everytime I go travelling, my energy level spikes but after it is all over, the exhaustion sets in so badly that I need double the time to recover to normalcy! Sign of old age. Initially, Curry wanted to go visit New York city but Ram came up with a better idea.... drive to Philadelphia. Princeton New Jersey is just so strategic. 1 hour drive and we were back in Pennsylvannia already. Visited the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Science Museum. Again, big crowds everywhere and kids dominated every types of exhibits and hands on tools. Interesting collections of machineries, scientific tools and gadgets and worth the visit if you are a science buff like Curry!

Tuesday December 30 2008

The highlight of this trip.... to visit Princeton University. I have seen Harvard and Princeton was my to see list of the Ivy Leagues. Princeton itself is a very neat and quaint town, with old and new buildings, tourist shops and chic coffee places for the learned minds. The people roaming around at this time of the year were either like us, the tourists or the students who stayed back over the holidays. Good time to visit the university grounds as there were no crowds and no charges. On the way, we managed to catch a glimpse of Einstein's old house of which he lived in during his days at Princeton. Neat.

From the facade of the buildings, the university is old but very distinguished in design and beautifully maintained and very neat. Ivy was growing up certain part of the walls and sculptures were engraved on the facades of some of the buildings. The European gothic and Renaissance touches made this university stood out compared to the buildings I saw in Harvard and personally, I think Princeton is nicer. I can only stand there and imagine what pride it must be to be attending this prestigious university.

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Ling said...

Princeton is so beautiful. Wish I could be there with you guys. Oh well, maybe I'll go when Missy E graduates from there!