Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January Bento Days (4)

Missy E has been missing alot of school days due to this month's snow. To end the month, she is out again today and the remaining Friday of this month. For a while I thought if I had a crystal ball and predicted this, possibly we would have gone back to Malaysia to enjoy the Chinese New Year instead. I know, winter gets to my nerves as if I am never thinking straight when I see the snow coming down!

These Bentos were a last minute idea, hence not too fancy but equally colorful. There are infact alot of ingredients that I have never used before in my Bentos, for example, lima & red beans, beet root, melon balls and radish. Sometimes, it takes experimentation of one thing to understand the fun of doing it and exploring further from there and be more open to new tastes and textures. As long as my kids are up for it, I don't mind feeding them new things and I am lucky that they are as adventurous as me in terms of food.

Making sushi rice rolls is still a challenge and my weakness which I have never improve so far! There is this art of making sushi rice rolls with cute characters and patterns created by arrays of colors of rice and I seriously would love to do it for future Bentos but until I get the most basic ones done, I will have the ideas of patterned sushi rolls kept aside.
I pan fried an omelette and rolled it with slices of ham in the rice and nori. As the contents were not compact, I inserted peas after the cutting and the sushi rice looked much better with a touch of green. I skewered bluberries on a decorative cocktail pick and cut up the baby tomatoes into wedges. Baby carrots are fun to dip and eat and the floral cheese cut out completed the boxes. There was once an email circulating around about these baby carrots that it may be harmful but with so many food contamination news and not one concerning baby carrots, I continue to use them once in a while for snacks. I love frozen peas and corn and I buy them dutifully every week like I get the loaf of bread when I am at the grocery store.

The blueberries were a big hit with Prince D but the carrots were still a bit too hard for his teeth. Funnily, he loved to use the cocktail pick to poke all the peas together and eat them all in one go. Missy E loves dipping in ranch cream and the mini silicon cups hold the right amount.

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