Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January Bento Days (2)

Today's post should have been about President Obama but I think the whole day coverage of the inauguration on TV and the internet have covered that. Still, I am as excited and amazed as those people who were in Washington DC and all over America, truly a moment of history in the making and an inspirational achievement of an individual, not through privileges of silver spoon upbringing nor advantages by reason of race nor color but through ordinary real life experiences of the working class life, importance regard to education as a means to improve and the belief in dreams and hope for a better future.

I don't know about Obama and his excitement, I was up at 2 am this morning and stayed awaked and lying in bed up to 4.30am!!! Not that I am that fanatic and certainly not the reason that kept me up, it was just Prince D was crying loud after a nightmare and my sleep was disturbed. I didn't realize when have I became so sensitive or perhaps a sign of old age catching up when the 8 hours sleep cycle is no longer a necessity and the time 4am will soon be the dawn of my days.

And so the story went on that I didn't crawl out of bed and Curry left without his lunchbox. As part of my resolution this year to make better Bentos, I persevered to make it and took 10 minutes drive to his office with the kids to deliver his lunch. Missy E enjoyed the idea of delivering her daddy's lunch bag.

For today's Bento, I coated the salmon with the ubiquitous Eel grilling sauce (Unagi sauce) and pan fried it and sprinkled with sesame seeds. The sauce is very thick, sweet and gives a nice glaze to the fish. I used some left over of the taro puffs fillings of minced pork with shiitake mushroom and shrimp to stuff the Japanese deep fried tofu pouches (Inari) and steamed it for 10 minutes. The Inari itself is sweet with a tinge of saltiness out from the can and added flavor and texture. The vegetable part consisted of diced carrot and green beans, stir fried with pieces of Japanese yam cake (Konyakku). The texture of Konyakku is like hard cooked gelatine, chewy and absorbs flavor from other ingredients like tofu. And no matter how long I simmer them, they never fall apart and retain their texture. I love broccoli florets and wish I can find the purple ones in future. But everyone in my household never eat them raw though and I always cook and soften them in boiling water prior to serving. Clementines are in season now and sweet. The only thing is that they have seeds in them and I guess we have been spoiled long enough with all the seedless versions of oranges and grapes that spitting out seeds after every slice of the clementine takes some effort!!


Ling said...

Just be glad that your kids don't go to school in KL - waking up at 4.30am to catch the school bus at 5.30am so that they can reach school at 7.30am.

BTW, what's with all the american spelling (e.g. color/flavor)?!!!!

Lily Anette said...

Ling Dearest! It is the American Obama Era now.... I speak no more of the Queen's English :)