Friday, December 5, 2008

X'mas Cookies

So soon? Yes! Merry X'mas... Ho Ho Ho!

In America, celebrations starts from Halloween all the way to New Year! And like Santa, things can get very busy nearing X'mas and I thought I might as well make these early so that I don't miss out on all the fun of cookies making season!

Talking about Santa, it took me a month to search this cookie cutter all over town and I was elated to have found it ! Sure, I could have substituted with the gingerbread man cookie cutter but thinking that I have to use more time and colors to decorate up the suit besides the face, I was determined to find a face only cookie and do minimum work. Moreover, I have nothing to brag about my decorating skills , so better not try something too adventurous and stick to simple work.

For this batch of cookies, I used store bought cookie dough mixture. As they were made for Missy E's classroom buddies who will chow down everything with no gourmet comments, I saved myself some time of making from scratch. Personally, I don't really like store bought cookie dough as they are too sweet for my tooth and with the icing on it, it feels like I am drowning in sugar. But you only get to be a 4 year old once and I am sure Missy E and her friends will be merrier with more sugar!

The cookies were first baked and then iced with the background colors of white and red. After drying out for 1 day, I proceeded with the finishing touches and I was too lazy to mix up more colors, I used the same colors on the X'mas tree too! The candy cane was a last drop of cookie dough saviour. I still have problem with the consistency of the icing and the hand control on the piping bag. Perhaps I was in a rush to finish up before Prince D gets up from his nap or getting bugged by Missy E, the X'mas tree colored dots were not very uniform!

Anyways, I have done it and I hope the kids love it. I still have different cookies to make for the next 3 weeks and hopefully I don't eat them all up before they leave my kitchen to go into gift boxes!


Cath J said...

Yummy Cookies!!

Anonymous said...

So pretty! I personally like the Santas.

Agnes aka Ric3y said...

Ahhhhhhhh =D

Momsiecal said...

cookies! made lotsa of them last week, not decorated tho..thot would be a nice pressie for the classmates!

re: truffle! go make some - easy to make, but many steps to follow!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

how did u make the glace icing? just water n icing sugar??