Friday, December 19, 2008

Pistachio & Sesame Seeds Green Tea Chocolate Truffles

I have never attempted making candy nor chocolate of any sorts and I was so tempted to try this one. With packs of green tea powder lying around and a big bottle of white sesame seeds that never seems to be used up as only a teaspoon or two is required for any recipes, I bought some white chocolate blocks and thought of including these sweet confections into the gift boxes will jazz up the sweet tooth of my friends. Hopefully they like it!

White chocolate is of course much more sweeter than dark chocolate and if I didn't need to use the green tea, I would have opted to use dark chocolate to make the truffles instead. Having said so, these white ones are also a treat especially with a cup of black strong coffee.

From the recipes available to me, everyone seems to have commented that the white chocolate doesn't firm up properly and was still very soft when being shaped into balls. Mine was totally opposite. They hardened up within 1 hour and I had to use spoon to scrap them off the pan and were not as malleable as other people's experiences. Perhaps the liquid content of heavy cream I added was not sufficient and I did not substitute with anything when I omitted the flavoring liquer. Or perhaps the addition of green tea powder affected the consistency of the chocolate.

The white chocolate was first melted in a bowl over simmering water or bain marie. The heavy cream was warmed in the microwave and poured into the melted chocolate. Green tea powder was then added and continue stirring is required to incorporate all ingredients and the mixture will become thick like custard consistency. The whole mixture was then poured into a pan and covered and cooled in the fridge for 1 hour till firm but still malleable. Plastic gloves is a must when rolling the chocolate into balls for hygiene reason and also, body temperature tend to melt the chocolate a bit and it gets messy and sticky when done with bare hands.

The pistachio were processed to chunky pieces and the sesame seeds were lightly pan fried on slow heat for 45 seconds to get them fragrant but not brown. It is easier to lay out all the paper cases before starting to work and roll the chocolate and using a big plate each to contain the crushed pistachio and sesame seeds. To avoid cross mixing between the coating on the truffles, I did the pistachio first. The sesame seeds was easier to work with as they stuck on easily. Both the pistachio and sesame seeds gave the chocolate a better crunch and mellowed down the sweetness of the white chocolate. One truffle is sweet enough to last the palate for a while, unless of course you have a very sweet tooth for chocolates.

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dolly's fav said...

this is interesting... maybe i should try this out... never make truffles b4.. lets see i have the magic hand or not... looks mouth watering... good work...