Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December Bento Days (2)

I asked Curry what he wanted for X'mas. He said 'Nothing'! Does that mean I don't get a wish list too? Will I be fumed with jealousy when the kids ravage the wrapping papers and play with their new toys? But to tell the truth, I have no idea what I want for X'mas. My needs and wants for material stuffs comes once in a blue moon and can suddenly pop up without any occasions. Maybe it is true that X'mas is all about kids only and we the parents can only enjoy their excitement as an onlooker and their joy is our gift.

I think there is something wrong with my camera these days or perhaps the days have gotten so dull that the photos never come out perfect anymore. And I think my Bento making has dropped in standard too! And when my Aunt commented that I need improvement in Bento, that says everything! December is just not the month for Bentos, no inspiration and using left over dinners, cold mornings and shaky hands, other activities of baking during the day... all these I blame on for the degradation of my Bentos!!!! Fear not, there are so many resolutions I am going to make for the New Year and better Bentos is on the list.

I packed noodle with beef & potato stew for Curry's lunch today. The gravy from the beef stew was mixed into the noodle before packing to keep the noodle moist. As I didn't plan properly, I skipped the greens and set out to play with my X'mas cookie cutters instead. I cut thick slices of cucumber and punch X'mas trees and Candy canes. Cut up some flower shaped carrot too.... too much cookies baking these days makes me crafty now! And I only realised afterwards that I have ran out of ranch dressing! I hate peeling the skin off the kiwi fruit and I just included a spoon for scooping half sections of it.

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