Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December Bento Days (1)

The last month of the year. The month when calories don't matter and eating is a sport. December with its many religious celebrations and end of the year bonuses is aptly scheduled for us to binge and gorge everything on the table, in the fridge and in the groceries with free flow of samples of candies, wine and nibbles to entice us. Even I myself think eating candies and cookies everyday this month is a daily meal! Like everyone else, I am making depressing cold January my resolution diet month and let December be merry as it is.

Last week's terrorist attack on Mumbai, India reminds us that we are far from absolute peace on earth and we should all resolute to do more good to ourselves and others, at least the practice of solidarity, compromise and respect for one another will exist regardless of acts of evil that casts a shadow everywhere.

For today's Bento, I made beef dumplings or 'Siu Mai', wrapped in napa cabbage leaves. With minced beef and seasoned lightly with pepper and salt, the fillings are wrapped in leaves and arranged neatly in a small bowl for steaming. The steaming process draws out juice from the meat and I included it into the Bento box to ensure the dumplings are moist come lunch time. For the rice, I mixed it with nori wrapper pieces and hard boiled egg, premixed with some mayonaise. Shaped into logs and gathered up with nori strips. I stir fried some enoki mushroom with carrot, celery and cabbage and garnished with goji berries. Tangerine is plenty in the market these days and its combination of sweet and tart is very good for cleansing the palate after a heavy meal. I included two chocolate candy to sweeten the day.

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