Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Cookies

'Mom! I am thankful for my brother, you and my papa' . How can that not melt my heart? Missy E learns alot of things at school and sometimes she asks funny questions or imitate sayings that I don't want to hear in my house, but overall I am thankful she is talking and learning too. And for the whole month, she has been talking about nothing else except turkey, potatoes, cookies and thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is an American tradition where all families celebrate together and say thanks for having each other and a good year. Although the economy and financial condition these days do hamper the spirits of holiday celebrations, I don't see people slowing down in the throngs of queues at the stores cashiers picking up carts of groceries and gifts for visiting guests. One thing I learned is that Americans are very generous people. They donate and give and also share, no matter what the economy dictates during these Thanksgiving and X'mas seasons. Although they may buy smaller gifts this year but they still carry their shopping lists and ticking it off like Santa! I was behind a lady last Sunday while she was paying for her things and I glimpsed through her list..... goodness..... in my whole life, I don't think I ever buy that many gifts for anyone, let alone she has to get things for perhaps 30 people! Good for her and I am sure she brings joy to the people who is in her list.

It was rainy today and we had to stay indoors. Since it is not time to do anything for the Thanksgiving dinner, I used up the gingerbread dough from last week and played with some color in the icing this time. I did the rolling out of the dough, Missy E cut out the shapes and I baked and iced them while Prince D trying to sneak in at every corner to see what is happening. Keeping with the simplicity of less icing and colors, I worked with 1 color piping bag at a time and iced all 3 cookies at the same time when using the same color. I saved alot of energy changing piping bags and cookie decorating can be very tedious when I try too hard to follow the book. This time round I added a little more water to the icing mixture and it was easier to pipe. Previously, the requirement of alot of piping bags filled with different colors and different tips put me off the idea of ever doing cake and cookie decorating. But now I just stick to 4 colors the most and 3 basic round tips will get me through. As long as you can see what the cookie is shaped out as, I am already pleased.

I am thankful for everything that I have. Good health, good kids (although rowdy), ok spouse, friends old and near, families near and far and everyone whom I know or not know but reads this blog. Everything has been good for me this year and I am very thankful. Happy Thanksgiving.


wan said...

the cookies are so cute!
especially the turkey one. :DD
i bet missy E & prince D will be happy muching on those! bcause i want it too! :DD

Agnes aka Ric3y said...

Ehh so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (see how long my exclamation mark is)

crazymommy said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Wow.. your turkeys cookies so cute... make me want to bake too!! Maybe I will try to make some ookies for Christmas... ... ... if I'm not lazy la!


terri@adailyobsession said...

May u continue to be blessed.

Ling said...

We love you too! Happy Thanksgiving!