Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November Bento Days(1)

I rose earlier than anyone else in the house today. Not that I am going to the polling and voting stations but to make the long forgotten Bento for Curry! And also to watch the election on TV and hopefully to witness history!

The campaign for the major parties begun almost 2 years ago and I am glad the ultimate date has arrived to pick one of them. Countless night sleeps have been lost to late night re-runs of debates, news channel anchors and political correspondents cross firing to air their choices and thoughts, spouses different views and supports add to their blissful and sometimes mundane marriages, teenagers and kids all got into the bandwagon to cheer for candidates and housewives like me get to see fashion styles of the hair and attires of the candidates' wives. To sum it all, I have spent most time watching politics during this period than any time in my life. Pity though, I am not a voter but I sure hope those who has this right will do it today and pick the right person to lead the next 4 years.

I must have been very lazy to the point that Curry asked me why am I in such a good mood to make Bento today..... has it really been that long? Don't the dinners count as good food too? Men's perspective of things is very narrow and women really has to do alot to convince them. Like the Republicans and Democrats, we just have to live with each other whether we like it or not!

For today's Bento, I made honey Chicken, marinated overnight with Japanese mirin and Ponzu sauce. The honey was added to the marinating sauce and cooked with the chicken and ginger to get a gingery and citrusy dish. Served on a bed of cilantro, this dish is fragrant and appetizing. Shredded carrot, diced radish and scallion are stir fried together with soy sauce to fill in the vegetable part. I blanched a few broccoli florets to add more green. I mixed shredded nori seaweed pieces with toasted white sesame seeds into the rice and moulded them in a triangle rice ball mould. For the first time in my Bento making days, I managed to fill every nook and corner of the box. In the spirit of the election, I skewered the grapes on red, white and blue food picks and completed the sweet corner with a small slice of walnut cheesecake.

P.S. This addition was blogged after 11pm on Tuesday Nov 4, 2008: Congratulations to all of America and the new President Obama. All I wish for is a better America for the next 4 years!

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Ling said...

Aiya, such a small slice of cheesecake - mana cukup?