Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November Bento Days (4)

Today was Missy E's turn for a Bento box. It was one of those special stay back for lunch school days and I get to use all the cute stuffs of the Bento world! I finally got my Bento gadgets and accessories and started to experiment with them. I find the character rice moulds a bit difficult to use as they are small and I had to work fast when the rice is still hot. For the garnish on the face, I just cut up some nori sheets and dried cranberries which was done the night before to save alot of time! I always wonder how the other Bento mums can spend so much time in doing those Character based Bento ('Kyaraben') as I really find it time consuming and patience testing. Kudos to them and 'Ganbatte' to me ('work hard')!

I stir fried some chicken marinated in soy sauce and pepper with a little orange juice. Kids love sweet and sour stuffs and Missy E will eat up anything. To fill up the Bento, I blanched some broccoli florets and I am amazed by Missy E who finished up everything within her 15 mins lunch break in school today. For her top tier box, I cut up some baby tomatoes and put in some grapes. I thought mini quail eggs would add in the fun and cut up two and arranged them neatly with a side of mayonaise for dipping. With a juice box, Missy E was happy for a day and taught her teachers on the art of chopsticks. How cute was that!