Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November Bento Days (3)

Feels like winter is already here. I am yet to go look for my complete sets of winter clothing and my kids look like they have fattened up like the turkeys for Thanksgiving with their layers of clothings from head to toe! I am very sure they are looking forward to the first snowflake while I rather bake my own snowflake cookie and play pretend.

One of the coldest day of the week today and I am stuck at home with a dead phone line and no ways of accessing the blogs and other people's gossips of the day. It takes an occasional dead phone line to remind me on how much I have come to rely on my laptop to survive and without it, I am restless, nervous, uncertain and simply non-function. I used to joke with my cousin Agnes on how the computer has destroyed our lives, made us pounds heavier and kilos lazier! But without it, I will be tonnes ignorant of what is happening in the world outside of my own and certainly it brings more good than harm. Living with a laptop requires balance similar to living with a spouse, sometimes they short fused and black out, sometimes they upgrade themselves automatically much to my advantage and sometimes they just don't deliver fast enough at my request! And still we cannot live without them!

For today's Bento, I admit that I am not very creative. I used the chinese preserved sausages, which has always been my favorite since young. I remember it used to be a luxury and only served at Chinese New Year's dinner. God knows what they put into those things that make them so preserved and yet tastes scrumptious. It is more pricey than the usual processed sausages we find in the local grocery but worth every dollar. Freshly steamed and sliced as I did and served on a bed of piping hot rice, the palate is satisfied. On the side, I pan fried some chicken slices with breadcrumb and stir fried carrots with slices of fuzzy melon and green capsicum. I always save up the little packages of sauce and condiments that the fast food chains so generously hand out with my Super Meal trays and they are good for Bentos, no fuss and space saving. Here the mayonaise and mustard come in handy. No interesting fruits during winter time and I just sliced up half an orange to fill up the box with the grapes.

Winter days means hungrier appetites and more snacking. Curry was very satisfied with his lunch box today and I am pretty sure the meat kept him warm!

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