Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November Bento Days (2)

Today is a good day to rise up and do Bento. Sunlight was piercing through my window curtains and looks like a promise of fine and dry day. And so I thought. As soon as I turned on Robin Meade and the rest of the CNN sunshine gang, the weather report dampened my spirit a little. "cold weather coming through this week and be right back to tell you how much the temperature will drop"...... sigh..... why do weathermen always think this sort of 'Wait & See' is so much fun ?

With the sun setting wholly by 4.30pm, I have been having problems with my photography too as I depend on the natural light flowing in through my kitchen window to capture those mouthwatering dishes at their best shots straight out of the pot! All I get these days is a weird color and photographs not worth looking at. At least Bento is the one thing that I have to do in the early mornings and I am glad my overworked camera hasn't given up hope yet!

For today's Bento, I used left overs from our dinner. As the dish's recipe couldn't make it into this Blog last night due to photography malfunction, I saved some for today! I stir fried salted black bean with some pork ribs and egg plant and steamed them. Garnish with scallion pieces, they are ready to go with rice. Made ham & scallion sushi roll and stir fried some lotus root pieces with green bell pepper. The Cherry tomatoes is always my top choice for Bento filler with its beautiful reddish hue. Persimmon seems to be everywhere now and I have always like this fruit. The firmness of it with its sweet juice added more texture to the fruit box than any orange or apple. I like the fact that when cut horizontally, a star crossed pattern is visible and this added another aesthetic touch alongside the grapes.

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