Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cilantro Curry Puffs

What a busy week I had! After a brainstorming few days with pen and paper and no pots and spatulas, I finally realised that my path in life has changed so much since I left the working force and I am so ready to declare myself a domestic diva now. I used to write up things easily when I worked in the legal world, but now it takes so much time for me to put things into perspective and context, let alone in words! I think I like cooking more now , at least I can produce something in my style and savor my hardwork by the end of the day and enjoy them with a cup of tea! And of course ramble about it like no other people's business in this humble blog of mine.

I think curry puff is the most ubiquitous snack item in Malaysia and everyone seems to like it. Normally I see them alot during the celebration of the Malay's Hari Raya and Chinese New Year. They are baked or deep fried in mini sizes, measuring slightly 2 inches and eating one is never enough. The fillings usually comprised of curry potatoes with meat or just vegetarian versions with diced carrots and peas. On usual days, local coffeeshops sell them too but made in bigger sizes for teatime cravings.

To me, a good curry puff is one with a slight crisp pastry, light when bite into and doesn't disperse too much after each bite. The filling must retain its moist but not wet. At first I wanted to experiment with the oil and water pastry dough method that produces a flaky texture. I used this method but didn't manage the lengthy process of folding and rolling as Curry, my human husband was donning on his cooking skills today in the kitchen and I couldn't work in peace! And making these mini sized ones all by myself is not easy and I only recommend making this at a cooking club.

For the filling, I used potatoes and cooked and diced chicken meat with minced garlic and shallot. The potatoes and chicken thigh meat were first skinned and diced. The shallot and garlic were pan fried and the chicken and potato added therein. I made the curry spice by combining coriander powder, cumin powder and turmeric. As I have the kids in mine, I didn't add the chilli powder but added salt and a little water instead. The whole thing was cooked till the potato turns tender and then removed from the heat.

Cilantro or coriander has always been my favorite herb and I believe the ones we get here is more pungent than those I get back in Malaysia. Their fragrant smell starts eminating as soon as I start washing and soaking them in the water. I chopped up some and kneaded them into the oil dough before finally rolling the oil dough with the water dough. The time consuming part was the rolling of each piece of dough for each piece of curry puff. I used the smallest Empanada mould that I have been hiding in the pantry for 5 years, which saw the light for the first time today! It is important to dust the mould with flour before placing the rolled out dough onto it so that once moulded, the puffs come out easily. With a small teaspoon, I spooned the filling onto half part of the mould and once folded, the puffs will look loaded but not bursting. Eggwash was applied to the surface of each before baking them in a preheated 375F oven on the lower rack. I have never tried deep frying but for those who doesn't mind all the grease and cleaning up, give it a try.


Agnes aka Ric3y said...

It looks like dumpling!!!

Cath J said...

Very nice food..(Wish recepi are all nclude :)..Nice photo shoot..will link you on my blog :)..