Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sausage Scallion & Sesame Bun

This design is adapted straight from the cookbook itself and by far, the most difficult to shape and turn. All methods from the hot water roux to the rolling of the dough is the same as the previous posts on Buns except that this one has a sausage filling. The sausage is first rolled into a rectangle shape dough and 4 deep slits are made on the surface of each roll. Then, taking each of the slit opening, the connecting dough between the sausage parts are slowly twisted to form a petal like shape with the last 2 sections of the sausage twisted and placed across the middle to join with the first sausage section. Even I find it hard explaining in words but pity I don't have extra hands to chronicle the process in pictures!

Perhaps the size of the sausages was a bit too large and I only managed to produce 6 buns this time instead of the usual 9 from the same amount of bread dough. And it took an extra 5 minutes to fully bake. My previous experience with sesame seeds is that they burn really quick in the oven but this time, it hardly brown from the 20 minutes of baking. The scallion and sesame seeds were added after the egg wash was applied and reapplied again thereafter.


dolly's fav said...

oh... looks so yummy.. can deliver to brunei.. haha...

Ling said...

Very professional looking. Good job!