Tuesday, October 7, 2008

October Bento Days (1)

After a whole week of laziness and cold mornings to sleep in, I finally gained my strength to wake up early again to do the Bentos. And luckily I have a human alarm Clock, made by me and named Prince D or else I will be sleeping Beauty OR Beast everyday! I was so ready to do my first October Bento and when I reached into the refrigerator, I noticed something amiss! Where the hell was it..... that overnight bowl of beef stew with infused meat and lovely carrots & potatoes? That beef stew that I saved from Sunday night so that I don't have to labor over the pots & stove this morning! That particular bowl of beef stew that I skipped last night just for this morning's Bento! And so I sniffed around and smelled beef stew in the microwave oven. Nothing in there. And I realised, the microwave was beeping late last night when I was already up in bed..... oh goodness! Curry has eaten his today's Lunch last night..... very late night supper snack!

Sometimes you meant well, people just have to screw it up for you! I had nothing in hand now and yet I was already up, might as well make something. As I am sure Curry will say that he is overstuffed from last night, I made him a Snack Bento box instead and with not much idea on a cold early morning, I opened a can of baby corns and cut up some enoki mushrooms. Pan fried them a bit and threw in some kimchi. And I was proud that I still went on and made some simple sushi rolls for him! Half way I was thinking... huh... this is love eh.....the married way? You lucky man, Curry!

As rushed things never come out good, so were my sushi. The shapes were not very uniform. I just made the simple omelet and turkey ham for fillings. And along the way, I ate my breakfast too, the odds and ends of the sushi rolls. As we have perhaps 30 apples sitting around from the picking on Sunday, I cut up half a Fuji and a Gala for the fruit box. Next time I know better to hide leftovers tight and sealed!

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