Thursday, October 9, 2008

Apple & Pistachio Roll

It is apple season and it is such a nice fruit to cook and bake with. Instead of apple strudel, I used the same bread dough from my earlier water roux bread attempts to make a sweet bun. This bread dough is really flexible and I love its texture, always soft inside and a slight chewy crust on the outside. Once the dough method is mastered, the choices of fillings are endless.

I used 5 apples, which was a mixture of gala, Red delicious and MacIntosh. Once cored, all were cut into small chunks and put into a pot with orange juice , sugar and cinnamon. I cooked it on medium heat for 25 minutes till all the juices are released and I drained out the apples and continue to cook them till soft dry consistency but not mushy. The blending of the citrus and apple gives a very pleasant sweet smell and taste.

I opted for the cylinder roll shape, similar to Asian spring rolls. As the dough is soft and stretchy, I spooned 3 teaspoons full of the apple filling into each rolled out square shaped dough measuring approximately 3x3 inches. Simply pinch the edges together and gently press with fingers from the middle of the roll towards the edges to spread the apple filling inside the roll. The pistachio were sprinkled after the egg wash and just before baking.
If I was to make these rolls again, I will cut down on the baking time as not to brown the rolls too much and crush the Pistachio more finely. The apple filling held up nicely inside the roll and did not turn the inside of the rolls soggy nor wet.

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Ai Lien ^-^ Cook for Happiness said...

Mamamia...Look so gooood !!! I should have a try...