Friday, September 19, 2008

September Bento Days (3)

Today's Bento boxes were made for both Missy E and Prince D. Missy E wasn't herself since yesterday when her grandpa and papa left for Hong Kong yesterday. She was so sad and started to sob at the airport and I wasn't expecting it. How would a 4 year old know the sadness of seeing people off at the airport? Well, one girl was sure sensitive and that was my own daughter!

When outsiders tell me that my daughter is matured for her age, I doubted it. But after yesterday, I better reassess my evaluation of her. Every summer, her grandpa visits but this year's was the shortest stay but the time that she spent with him was the most of all time. It is amazing to me on how grandparents bond with their grandkids easily and yet finds it difficult to talk to their own children . I have the same problem talking to my own mom but with my grandma, I think she knows more details of me than myself sometimes!

Initially I thought of making a Bento for Missy E to cheer her up as her playdate today was also cancelled. Looking outside when the sun is brimming over the September cloud and cool breeze, I thought we venture out for a picnic at our backyard. Why let the sunshine goes to waste and lunch boxes eaten inside the house? I hate the idea of winter coming but I love autumn, when grass is still green and leaves turning brown and red. Despite all of us dressed in long pants with sweaters, the kids enjoyed their outdoor al fresco dining.

Still practising with my sushi rolling and I find easier to do if I don't emphasize too much on precision and conformity to the book. I made Futomaki sizes as Missy E seems to have more appetite for lunch than any other meal of the day. I used cut ham, pickled Japanese radish and cucumber sticks as fillings. For the second tier of her Bento box, I skewered some large green grapes and included some pieces of dried apricot. To fill up the box, I cut up some pieces of Monterey Jack cheese which is a good choice for nibbling as it is not as salty as Cheddar and a small Japanese cake, similar to the lotus paste mooncake in taste.

For Prince D, I let him have the same sushi rolls with cut grapes and cheerios. As expected, he munched on the sushi roll and all the fillings come dropping out. Sometimes I wonder if my boy will ever grow up as he is such a baby, still babbling and very baby mannered. I remember Missy E at his age was already able to feed herself properly on a table and started with the chopstick. While Prince D still eats his food from his bowl... literally! He just shoves the content all to his face, similar to drinking soup from a bowl. He will never taste spaghetti till he is 4!

Missy E is all happy now and asking for another picnic soon. Her emotions sure swings but I think she will grow up to be a very understanding person with passion for life and compassion for others.

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