Thursday, September 11, 2008

September Bento Days (2)

Missy E started her Pre-K school this week and I am exhausted. After a nice and lazy summer, waking up to early mornings and getting everyone ready to get out of the house by 8 am is no fun. Perhaps I cannot have any break at all from my daily routine as everytime I slow down a bit, I find it difficult to re-charge again and get back to doing things. Hence, this week's Bento got postponed till today, which is almost the end of the work week already and I hope Curry doesn't complain of the simple Bento that I made today from leftovers and preserved pickles that I digged out from their bottles in the fridge!

When we first moved here, Curry was very sarcastic about American sports. Baseball is a slow game, football is not wholly a foot game as in the football that we know all over the world and ice hockey is a game of angry young men with sticks! After 7 years, he is totally Americanized and I cannot recall how many times we had to fight for the remote control when the sports seasons starts and all I ever wanted to watch was new series of the seasons on the other usual channels while he sits patiently waiting for the first strike, first home run and looking at Tom Brady as with all the other female fans of the hunky sports star! We came to a compromise to watch the peep screen at the same time and unwillingly switch sizes all the time and our eyes are spoiled in the name of TV viewing. And how surprised am I to hear he said that he will manage his company's soft ball team for this season and he wanted a lunchbox when I offered despite so late into the week, as he will be very late for dinner! And sometimes I wonder, if he manages the team outside and manage nothing at home, am I doing too much myself to the extent that Curry is so comfortable that he forgot he has to do some managing in this household too, regardless how micro! Sometimes, men are so insensitive.

For today's Bento, I included some leftover of the Chicken Roulade that I made on Tuesday night for a potluck dinner. I just pan fried them and added some dill mustard to go along as dipping sauce. For the rice, I cut up some of the Kimchi and stir fry it with the rice together with some peas and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. The ubiquitous Japanese Radish pickle filled up the main box nicely. For the smaller box, I cut up some tomato, grown by Curry himself in our small patch, chuck in some grapes and slotted in a small cup of watermelon pieces.

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