Friday, September 5, 2008

Omelet and Green Bean & Vinegared Radish Sushi

Making Sushi roll is not easy. Time is required to really get used to handling the sushi rice which can be very sticky and rolling it up requires techniques too with delicate pressing and precision cutting. I made up these versions to practise my rolling and my aim was to get all the fillings in the middle .

I attempted to make the Japanese Omelet in a usual frying pan. A bit of folding is required to get the corners and I think I will invest in one of those Japanese square omelet pans next time to save me time. The green beans were blanched in boiling water for 2 minutes and rinsed in cold water to retain the green color and the vinegared Radish is cut into thin sticks and the same length as the beans. I made some Oboro sprinkles by simmering some slices of Cod fish and processed it in the food processor to get the sprinkles. With sake added and a little red coloring, the sprinkles is then pan fried to dry it up.
The color of the sprinkle is not so obvious in the sushi rice as I didn't add enough to the rice, hence showing in patches. As I used the Sushi type rice this time, it is more difficult to work with as I didn't expect it to be so sticky and a plastic glove is advisable next time! I like the color of the green bean and omelet and added some toasted black and white sesame seeds to the omelet sushi.

Making sushi is one of those cookery category that will be perfected with constant practice and I just need lots of patience and attention for everytime I make one. I like sushi as its varieties of fillings are endless and combination of the right colors of ingredients is very important to produce one that entices the eyes and palates.

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