Monday, September 8, 2008

Mini Pistachio Apricot Biscotti

I first made Biscotti 5 years ago at the Baking class that I attended in Massachusetts. From then onwards, I have made it my favorite cookie to make.

There is something very nice about making Italian Biscotti. First, it is very easy to make with the simple ingredients of all purpose flour together with baking soda and sugar are mixed with eggs to make a wet and sticky dough. Second, the varieties of additional flavoring and colors are endless and in my case, types of dried fruit and nuts. Biscotti comes in savory form too with olives and dried herbs as choices of complementary ingredients.

There is nothing rocket science about making these cookies. Once all the ingredients are mixed, the dough is then rolled into logs and arrange far apart from each other in the baking trays as they spread alot during the period in the oven. After the first 20 minutes of baking, the whole tray of Biscotti is taken out and cut diagonally across each log into smaller slices and returned to the oven for a further baking of 20 minutes.

I like crunchy and crispy cookies as opposed to the more preferred soft and chewy type in America. I enjoy the crunch in every bite of it and the crumbs crumbling all over. I chose Pistachio because of the nice green color it yields which doesn't fade with the baking and I cut dried apricots into small chunks and added them into the dough to give a tinge of sweetness and chewiness to the texture of the Biscotti. As I made a smaller batch using a smaller amount of the ingredients, I made the logs smaller and shorter, hence the smaller sizes of the cookies as compared to those that fits in those big jars in front of the coffee shop counter.

Served with a glass of milk, this crunchy Mini Biscotti is addictive. It is not loaded with sugar, hence not too sweet as in the sugar cookies that are available in the grocery stores and the light airy texture with crunchy dry crumbs makes it enjoyable to eat and less sinful to take more than 2 pieces!

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