Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September Bento Days (1)

Every Chinese household has its own version of Fried Rice. I am no exception. And I love fried rice for the fact that it is a one plate dish, complete with all rice, meat and vegetable. And definitely no skills required when all ingredients are dumped into the pan and mixed together.

I was a bit lazy today and didn't put on my creative thinking cap for the Bento. This is the only Fried Rice I make at home with 4 simple ingredients, overnight rice, diced ham, frozen peas and 1 egg. White, pinkish red, green and yellow.... still pretty for the Box and appealing to the palate. The egg was added last with a well made in the middle of the mixed rice, ham and peas and a drizzle of oil is added. I cracked the egg into the well and distributed the egg all over coating the rice mixture so that when it cooks, its yellow portion is spread all over the rice. I find doing this way keep the rice moist and not too dry after it has been dished up.

For the sides, I did my usual salmon patties, with canned salmon forked and added dill, salt & pepper, shallots and bread crumbs. I pat them into shapes last night to speed up the pan frying this morning. I added the shallot and dill to cover the fishy smell that permeates from the cooking and it is advisable to do so to keep my neighbors in their bed and not smelling fish early in the morning! Raw celery, cut into sticks with Ranch dressing on the side filled up the Bento box.

As I haven't got my supply of fancy cups yet for my Bento box, I made fruit jelly in a small stainless steel condiment cup which I managed to find at Walmart. I love plums and this one was a smaller version that I got from Trader Joe which is juicy sweet and fits perfectly in smaller boxes. Curry is crazy about Japanese rice crackers and wasabi peas and so I included 2 packs for his nibbling.

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