Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bacon & Mayo Bun

Source: 65C Water Roux Bread (Taiwan Chinese publication by Yvonne C)
Total Time : 3 hours (Mixing, Rising to Baking)

With some remains of the water roux starter dough from the last post, I attempted another recipe from the same baking book. Basically, the quantity of all ingredients are the same and the extra starter dough keeps well in the refrigerator for 3 days and only needs to be left to room temperature before mixing it into the new bread dough mixture.

For the second time round, I was confident on what to expect from this type of bread dough. After the mixing of all the ingredients, the dough appears to be sticky and heavy. Before kneading, coating the hands and work surface with bread flour is necessary. Working with this dough requires gentle strokes as it slowly becomes firmer after kneading and the incorporation of extra flour from the work surface and hands helps accelerate the process. This particular bread dough is very slow in rising and it seldoms expand too much after the recommended time. A crusty surface always forms after the resting period. For this bun, the shape required is oval or oblong.

The whole dough was then divided into 60gms portions and then rolled out individually to an approximate 3 x 4 inch size with 1/2 inch thickness. The said dough is then let to rest and rise again for another 1 hour. They are then brushed with egg before lining each with slices of bacon and mayonaise. It is better to remove the fat from the bacon as the baking will release all the fat and the buns will get too greasy. I sprinkled oregano after the piping of the mayo and my only mistake was that I forgot to line the baking tray with parchment paper, hence I had to use the scrapper to slowly release each bun from the hot trays.

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