Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Home Alone

After a whole week alone at home with the kids, I am exhausted! Kids say the darndest things and do the dreadful things. Perhaps I have been doing this stay at home mum thing for too long now, everytime Curry tells me that he will be out of town, I start to feel the stress building up. Being away from extended families whom I might be able to dump the kids with for a few hours or just simply let them play with cousins is such a disadvantage.
I started potty training with Prince D this week and as expected, he is never co-operative. Of all the parental duties, this is the one that I really dislike the most. I just don't understand why is it so easy for little toddlers to learn to differentiate between people and makes preference for something in place of another and yet they cannot understand the use of pottys without us reiterating over and over again. I was in major high blood pressure condition when I potty trained Missy E then and I don't see calm days and smooth operation for Prince D who just has his own timing and thoughts for everything.
Sometimes I wonder on how one parent families do it. Thinking about those soldiers who are away from their own spouses and kids for so long makes me count my blessings that I don't have to go through the same thing. I love my kids but too much of them in a day without any other adult interaction makes me insane. Prince D is in his Terrible Two phases now, and causes chaos everywhere he goes and with a blink of an eye, he is nowhere to be seen. However, when he naps or simply drops down tired while watching the TV with me, he looks so angelic and harmless. As for Missy E, she is in that phase when everything matters to her and she feels that she has to talk all the time. The gift of gab does not sit with me for long as I feel that she is acting up when talking with her parents and forgets that she is only 4 years old. Smart kid but not street wise!
At this very minute, Prince D is walking in his sister's Princess heels while Missy E is daydreaming away till mommy says it is time to go for swimming classes. Sometimes I doubt that too many outside activities for both my kids now will be of any good but I cannot deny it that only through this mere 30 minutes or 1 hour time when they are out doing something, I am feeling peace and quiet inside. Being a stay home mom is all about balancing lives, whether it is my own, Missy E's, Prince D's or Curry's and I just have to go along on whatever my kids dictate and demand at the meantime with an obliged sense of parent's duties.

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