Friday, August 29, 2008

The Race of '08

With the Beijing Olympic over, life settles down a bit without anymore late nights and all day addiction with the TV. However, I am well on my way to see another race and perhaps this race is much more closer to home and Michael Phelp's overtly publicized winnings will be overshadowed a bit. Sure, it is another event starting with 'O' but Obama's race to the Presidency and I am once again glued to the TV.

At my age, I finally understand what is the meaning of "witnessing History". Indeed throughout the past 18 months with some intermission from the Olympics and Britney and Miley Cyrus, American politics and the presidential Bid has never been more exciting. Ever since Obama and Hillary announced their bid for the Commander in Chief's post last year, I watched their campaigns, learned a bit about the process of US elections which I still cannot fully understand, saw how they debated against each other when both are liberals and yet focused on different issues and how their other half and daughters supported them throughout. Indeed, I found them both very convincing and indeed both are equally good to lead America to a better future in terms of future relations with other countries when the current government is already at odds with so many countries and the continuous violence in Iraq never seems to end.

When the Iraq war was launched in 2003, it was based on the belief that weapons of mass destruction was produced by that country and perhaps Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein are linked as one group and to eliminate one will do the same to the other. Until today, no weapons were located, Osama Bin Laden is Not presumed Dead Nor Alive and Saddam Hussein was executed to the joy of the Iraq people but at a cost of continued violence in Iraq. Everytime when the news channel reports on fallen soldiers, I imagine the pain of the left behind families and I do feel sad. In the name of Freedom loving, these young men and women are sent over to another country to fight a war that shouldn't have been theirs to fight in the first place.

Although Hillary Clinton is out of the picture now for both the top posts, I believe she is a woman of great influence and should be included in Obama's workforce cabinet. In terms of credentials, experiences and substance, a woman at her position is not many. When John McCain announced his running mate today, I was a bit surprised. Despite numerous prominent running mates in the Republican party, he simply skipped them and nominated a little known Governor of the isolated state of Alaska. I think this move is simply destructive to his campaign and as a common person like myself, I would say this nomination of a lady Vice President candidate looks like a desperate move of pulling more air time on media coverage and possibly a try to convince the bittered supporters of Hillary to derail their attention and vote for the opposite party instead. And wasn't it McCain who always emphasized the fact that Obama was lacking experience in overseas relations and understanding of governing policies and now he appointed an ex journalist and a mere 2 years in office Governor of Alaska, of which a state that most of the main North America continent know generally only as crowded with ice glacier and remote? Indeed, only a maverick makes a move like that and I would be bitter if I was Mitt Romney or Rudy Giulianni.

The Democratic National Convention was fun to watch last week and next week it will be the Republican's turn. Will McCain charm the undecided voters? Will Sarah Palin be able to pull more votes? Will they make history? I don't like to be bias and afterall, I cannot vote and I can only say, may the best man win and the eligible voters must get it right this time!

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Vote Paris Hilton for President!