Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Northern Vermont Pt.2

After the nice bakery tour, we left with a big loaf of sesame bread and 3 freshly baked Danish pastries that left us flaky and buttery good for tea time. And the relentless rain returned.

On the way to Burlington, we stopped at the Lake Champlain Chocolate Factory. Its main products are gourmet chocolates which in my opinion rivals the more commercialized Godiva line in terms of taste. The factory was not open for observation on Mondays and so I just had some fun in its merchandise store instead while the kids went on and binged on the samples. The layout and orientation of the store was great, a big rectangle side glass displays of all their chocolates and fudge and I was playing Merry go round without anyone bothering me! I never like those counters in store where the server who stands in front and constantly move as I go along the aisle checking out the things. This one was perfect for my camera to catch all the eye candy stuffs! Of course I just had to get some to go while also nibbling away on the samples which were irresistably smooth and melt in your mouth good.

Our next stop was downtown Burlington. We hit the waterfront of Lake Champlain and half way along the boardwork, we saw Dragon Boats pushing out into the lake and a race was on. Strange to see something so Asian in a lake named so French! The race was for a good cause though, for awareness of cancer and the participants of the race were cancer survivors themselves. All of a sudden, the mere drizzle became big drops of rain and we were almost soaked. Curry, best in being himself made us walked further into the main street as not to miss out on the sightseeing part. Overall, Burlington is another modern city with office buildings on every corner complete with upscale and hip restaurants and shopping areas and I saw mostly young adults and college students walking around while traffic is still busy but not as crowded and busy as in Boston.

Half way I was sure that we are not going to see Burlington and we drove to the nearest Mall and browsed through the usual chain stores. With luck we ended outside the Mall where Church Street was situated. From the look of it, Church Street must be the downtown high street with hip shops for the young and specialty stores that are simply decorated to entice your eyes. I happened to come by a very unique home store called Homeport. A must see for people who loves to splurge on things for their home and especially kitchen as the shop stocks up plenty of nice dinnerware with all sorts of designs from the simple to eccletic and also all sorts of gadgetries that makes cooking so much more easier and interesting. Imagine my surprise when I saw my favorite blue and white china bowl on the shelves too! My own mom and Curry always made fun of my blue bowls and my affections for them as they really didn't see them as classy enough as these bowls were used at coffeeshops all over in Malaysia and Hongkong, hence making it just another 'usual' thing. Seeing them on sale in this part of the world and at a home specialty shop like Homeport, I can proudly say my taste is pretty unique and good!

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