Friday, August 1, 2008

King of the Day

Prince D turned 2 today. Big boy and yet still so little! Walking and running and yet still stumble. Understands what the adults are telling him and yet his speech is limited. Attention seeking and yet still feisty and independent.
I love kids between the ages of 1 to 3 the best. Their development during these years are obvious in every aspects. Except for the potty training part, their brains seems to absorb all sorts of information without you yourself even trying to teach nor tell them. Sometimes, you see a funny Jester trying to please you with his moves and at times, you have a screamer who just won't bulge to any authority. But overall, a kid at Prince D's age is all fun and not a dull moment.

Looking at him today, I seem to have forgotten the day when he was born. Babies never come with a guarantee of kind and nice but I was misled when I first saw him and throughout his first month at home. He was mild and rather sleep all day long than feed or poop! His pediatrician even warned me not to take things too easy and I will have to do the unwilling thing to wake him up every 2 hours for his feeding! After a screamer like Missy E, I thought I scored luck this second time round. For a while I am starting to believe that I have got a baby like those in commercials who never cried and slept peacefully all the time while the moms and dads sit cuddling on the sofa gazing at their precious baby, both satisfied and blissful with their big grins.

If Missy E was difficult, Prince D will not miss out on all the fun too. True to the core, he started to get all fussy and clingy after 3 months and all those months, I wished he would turn 1 year old immediately. Infact, he really affected my emotions and mental state to the point that I cannot find myself liking nor look at another baby anymore in my life.

And now, 2 years passed and he is a kid or rather still a toddler, he is developing his own character. I never believed that girls and boys are born different but now I understand it is a fact and cannot be challenged at all. Throughout his first year, I have learned alot and most importantly not to compare him to Missy E who is totally different in character, intellect and preferences in everyday life. Prince D has indeed changed my perspectives in certain things and I am glad he has grown up well and healthy. My hope for him is that he will learn more and improve whatever he can do now and continue to be his mommy's boy till he tells her to stop pampering him! Happy Birthday Prince D, truly you are King today and you are allowed to do your usual ransacking of the house with your new Caterpillar truck toy without mommy's nagging! There is always Daddy to clean up later while Mommy enjoys a piece of your lovely raspberry filling buttercream cake.

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Agnes said...

Happy Birthday D!!!!!! Yee Yee miss you! :(