Saturday, August 23, 2008

Eating my Summer away

Summer will end soon and I always make sure that we reap all the fruits that it bears. Going to fruit farms is a yearly thing for my family, from the first batch of juicy strawberries to mid summer blueberries and raspberries and the fuzzy peaches. We slather ourselves with litres of sunscreen and fill our quart cartons or plastic bags to the brim and yet we are never satisfied going only once for each individual fruit picking . We only stop going when the picked fruits start spoiling in the fridge and no one seems to be interested anymore.
Before hitting the peach farm this afternoon, we decided to fill our appetite for something else. Lobster roll is my favorite during summer time and deep fried clams and scallops were Curry's choice. The kids are just too happy to see the french fries and onion rings that come with the seafood platter! Of all the seafood on the menu, lobster roll is the most pricey one and I paid $16.00 for this roll this time. I don't mind as I have no idea on how to prepare the lobster and having all its best meat digged out and cleaned already for my instant enjoyment surely made it worth any $16.00. The Clam Box restaurant is a small place with a long history of serving seafood and situated in the town of Ipswich, Massachusetts. We drove almost an hour to get there and luckily we arrived earlier than anyone else and the wait was for an extra 25 mins from the queue to the serving of the food. We did Al Fresco dining and surely there were birds roaming around waiting for a chance of a left over roll or even lobster from my plate! Well, I am pretty stingy and gobbled up the whole roll without even offering to share some with Curry. But he did shared his plate with me and I just relished up without a sense of remorse and as if he owed me this meal for quite some time now.

After a mere 15 mins of eating, we were done. Not a single piece or crust from the deep fried batter was left. We can't help but smirked at the long queue of hungry faces when we were leaving Clam Box... let them wait while we head for dessert!

This was the second time we went to Smolak Farm in North Andover, Massachusetts. The last time was a mere shortwhile ago..... last weekend. The peaches then were ripe for picking and we had so much luck of picking tree ripen peaches and so we would like to try our luck again. It was Peach Festival this week and we were not so lucky this time as the early birds have got all the best ones and I was starting to wonder if this is must be those people who were in the queue at the Clam Box! And so we have to settle with unripened peaches and pick as many as we needed. Peaches are fruits that taste the best when ripen and picked from the tree with its sweetness and juiciness beyond words and infact not describable and the nearest I can explain it is that it is like a ripe and sweet watermelon, where the juice drips with every bite and the sweetness keeps coming till you finish up to the pit part! There were plum trees and nectarines too and heirloom tomatoes fields. Couldn't resist the ice cream stand and continued with my cholesterol and calories intake with a vanilla cherry cup while browsing in its small but lovely country store. It was a hot day and the kids were simply done for this season. We will be back next year.


Anonymous said...

Salivating just looking at the yummy food and gorgeous fruits! Drool, drool...

Agnes aka Ric3y said...

The Lobster Roll Looks SO GOOD!