Friday, August 22, 2008

Chocolate Cups

Same with any avid cook, I have been amassing cookbooks and magazines to the total of almost a hundred and the bookshelves are just automatically occupied with them. I have a few favorites of which I want to explore further by following the recipes closely and maybe doing some variations and re-producing the beautiful art of food preparation. Some recipes might not yield the results as that in its picture and some might be genuine but the true will only be revealed if I try.

I am aware there are so many beautiful blogs out there that emphasizes on baking and cooking and I look to them as inspirations. I would love to incorporate shapes, patterns and colors into my kitchen repertoire and I started this new blog to chronicle every piece attempted by me with reference to published cookbook recipes and ideas. Whether it is baking artisan bread or making sushi, cookies crafting and decorating to pairing ingredients to make the most delectable hor d'ouvres, every category is unique in itself and an adventure to me.

My interest in beautiful food presentation started with these little chocolate cups that I made for this year's Easter party. The chocolate cups were bought and I made the whipped cream filling and garnished them with berries and pistachio. It sure inspired me to be more creative with my kitchen creations!

Food will always be an important topic in my life and I would like to create art with them since I am not crafty in anything else. Wishing myself luck and to everyone else, Happy Cooking and Happy Baking.

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Suhaina said...

you have a wonderful blog..with well presented recipes and eye catchy pictures... love ur good wook. keep it up dear.