Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August Bento Days (3)

Too overwhelmed with blueberries and peaches, Curry suddenly reminded me of the watermelon. It was truth, we haven't had a piece of watermelon yet for this summer which pops up in every cooking magazines that marketed in the summer time. And despite their humongous pile in the grocery store, I just bypass them all the time. Watermelon used to be my favorite fruit when I was young. I love its over flowing juice and the sandy grainy flesh that refreshes my tastebuds everytime. And now, I still love it but with so many choices this time of the year, it gets abandoned. How bad of me! I remember when I was a teenager, I always wanted watermelon juice in the mall and it costs me around RM2.50 and at those times, it was the most expensive in the list! And I am sure I still feel the same now about the taste and price which must have skyrocketed to RM7.00 ?

For today's Bento, I attempted a fancier rolled Sushi. Well, at least at my preliminary level of sushi making and I am humble to all the Sushi Gurus out there who are doing beautiful sushi with a breeze and as easy as cooking the rice itself! The contents were salmon slices and avocado. And this time I made it bigger and true with any painting and art sculpture, a decorated sushi only exists once and I never get the exact same pattern when I attempt it again later. It is like what Forrest Gump said.... " it is like a box of Chocolate, you never know what you are going to get." I always love that quote as it explains life perfectly.

For the other half of the Bento, I parboiled some red potato, retaining its crunchiness and cut into small chunks. I forked out strands of chicken meat after first steaming it and made up a dressing comprising of mustard, mayonaise, olive oil, salt and dill. Mix everything together, sprinkled with crushed peanuts and spread over julienned red leaf lettuce . This can be done overnight and packed in the Box while the sushi must be made fresh. Watermelon dominated the fruit box today.

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HiHi, 1st time visiting your blog ",) Looks like you enjoy "bento-ing"

Have a good week ahead!