Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August Bento Days (2)

As with all people, I am running for Gold medal watching the Olympics non stop. Phelps gave me the excitement, the Chinese athletes shown me determination, the Aussies and Russians are surprisingly low on the ladder of medals acquisition and the Jamaicans run their hearts out with air light moves. Of all the Olympics, this one in Beijing sure gets me going and yawning with droopy eyes everyday is permissible till the closing ceremony.

Waking up to do the Bento box is my game today. Sushi balls were my aim with the Japanese flair and my love for the green tea is back. I always hit the salmon sushi when I am at the buffet and I absolutely love this fish with its meaty texture and bright orange that tickles my sight everytime before it goes into my mouth! Chewing a fresh piece is always succulent with a light tinge of fishiness and slightly slippery in the tongue which means eating less than 5 pieces is never enough for my palate.

I attempted the Pork Egg Rolls ('chun Ken') again and my nostalgic mood always keeps coming back everytime I take a bite of this simple food. It just reminds me so much of my hometown of Sabah, Malaysia and I was laughing when my old friend, Dine mentioned on how she chowed down the whole roll of 'Chun Ken' when she went back to Sabah recently. Yes, it is that good. Nothing fancy, just plain simple with minced pork meat all seasoned and rolled into a bundle with pan fried eggs and steamed to perfection.

For today's Bento contents, I used salmon slices and prosciutto to wrap around the rice balls. As I am not very optimistic about any other raw fishes that I might be able to get at the local grocery, I can only manage with salmon and will leave my sashimi binging to the Japanese restaurants. I like prosciutto as it is very thinly sliced and goes well with rice as it is salty. I stir fried some red bell pepper with shredded lettuce and minced kimchi. Throughout all the preparation, I didn't need to use any pepper nor salt. The egg rolls completed the box.

I have recently looked into the many varieties of mochi that are available and I am very fascinated with all sorts of colors and shapes. I found this little elongated tube shape one with green tea filling and also a pack of all the Japanese types of desserts and cakes, which I included one with red bean into the Bento box. Japan has plenty of desserts and recently the type 'Wagashi' which is more decorated with all sorts of patterns and made from rice flour has caught my interest. A good thing to explore for future Blog days!

The days are getting cooler now and soon, the Bento contents will revert back to warm dishes rather than salad and sashimi balls. This summer has been very good, not too hot, a bit wet but I don't mind. And for the meantime, I shall continue with the Olympics.

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