Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August Bento Days (1)

The Sushi Encyclopedia that I bought in March still sits in the bookshelf, occasionally looked into and not attempted yet. Making sushi looks easy but doing it is another thing for me. My skills are good in something else but I find that sushi is a bit challenging, possibly I always felt the rush to spread and roll it up before the rice turns cold and in the process, I kind of lose the grip somewhere and send the contents spilling out or the rice squeezing to one side. However, I feel the need to try it out or else I will never learn the best tricks and I cannot say I can make Japanese style dishes without knowing how to roll the ubiquitous Japanese sushi!

For today's Bento, I attempted a plain rice sushi and I am quite pleased with the turn out as I managed to get a part of the nori rolled into the rice itself, hence making it look like a pleasant smiling sushi. As the Bento Box was a bit crowded today, wrapping the rice into sushi saved me some space and they packed compactly and neatly in one corner together with some Chinese style pickled cucumbers. Men normally don't like pickles but this one is Curry's favorite.

Tofu is a staple in my household and the kids seems to love it. I like to coat the soft white tofu in cornstarch and pan fry it a bit on both sides as it tends to stay crisp on the outside and soft in the inside rather than served all mushy which is not very appetizing in a Bento box. The vegetables of choice for today were carrots, scallion and enoki mushrooms, stir fried slightly. Minced beef was marinated in sesame oil prior to cooking and drizzled with an easy gravy made with cornstarch, pepper and dark soy sauce. All poured over the tofu, sitted on grated cabbage.

Blueberry season is almost over and I will miss it. It is such a fun nibbling fruit and I can never get enough with only a handful. Cantaloupe completed the fruit box. And off they go in Curry's new lunch bag.

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Agnes aka Ric3y said...

The rice roll is very pretty even though it is a plain one... Jie I want the BLUEBERRIES!!!!!!!