Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Fair Daughter

Missy E turns 4 today. Her advantage of having her birthday 3 days after mine is that she can eat cake continuously and the fact that we always throw a little party a week earlier with some guests over makes her think that there is always a pretend birthday and a real birthday. Since her day is always 1 day prior to the US Independence day, the week long binging continues to the BBQ grill! My resolution of losing weight never materialise after it is being wished upon every year when I blow my own birthday candles, perhaps I am destined to be plump forever after the birth of my 2 summer babies and I should accept that summer is never going to be a bikini moment again for me.

4 years is not too long a time and yet not too short to the point that I can remember everything about Missy E's moments since her first day arriving outside my womb. When I look through her baby photos and videos, it is just amazing how advanced she has grown, physically and mentally. Throughout her growing up, I would say that she has progressed very well, from learning to feed herself at 1 year old to achieving her potty skills before 3, completing her ABCs by 3 and starting maths counting thereafter while attending her first class at pre-nursery for the whole of the last school year. And now of course, she puts interest into everything pink and sweet, from dresses to bags and cooking to dancing and music. And also those in depth questions of every inquisitive mind that seriously can drive the parents nuts in replying! Talk about growing up, I don't remember myself being so restless and occupied. If compared to Missy E, I was much innocent and childish then and certainly didn't have the privilege of choosing my own birthday cake as she did with her Disney Princesses one.

There is one dish that she always ask for during dinner time. She calls it the Crunchy Dumpling, which is deep fried beef wonton. Although deep frying is not the type of cooking that I do everyday, I made it for her tonight. We also harvested the peas that she planted with Curry and a simple stir fry brought out the best of home grown greens. As her cake was devoured to the last drop of the strawberry buttercream at last weekend's party, she got a slice of my chocolate cake.

Missy E went to the movies for the first time today and watched the much acclaimed Kung Fu Panda. I can imagine the excitement of the big screen and popcorn binging and glad that she experienced a new thing. My hope for her is that she grows up learning all the good things and being aware of the bad things too. As the years pass, her thinking mind will wonder and I can only tell her that she will always be my little girl no matter how big she gets and I hope that she will always regard my words as the most important advices and a token of my love as a mother. Happy birthday Missy E and may you be smarter, prettier and happy all the time.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

happy birthday to missy! lilyann, duaghters will always be your daughters, so count urself very blessed! i am too :)

Agnes said...

I can't believe E is 4 already. How many times I get to meet her when she is in KK?? :SS~~~ Big deep black eyes with thick lashes... like China Doll!!! I miss her!!! Not forgetting Bad Boy D.... :DDD Come back KK SOON SOON SOON!!!

P/S: Beef Wontons... So unique :P