Monday, July 28, 2008

July Bento Days (3)

'What did you make today?' asked Curry. I didn't reply. 'Do I have to reheat it before eating, can I eat it cold?' he asked again. Now I know why other people said that he is very lucky.....if possible, I think he might prefer I spoon fed him! After so many Bentos, he still hasn't understand the element of surprise in opening a Bento box and asking me questions like a kid. Perhaps next time, I shall include a little Instructions note on how to devour his lunch.

My favorite breakfast meat product has always been the bacon. The smokey aroma that it lets out while sizzling in its own fat in the frying pan works better than coffee to perk up my spirit and senses in the morning. However said, I let my health conscious rule my head and seldom dare to relish this delicacy as often as I would like to! And I admit I was jealous of Curry and so, I took a piece of the bacon rolled kimchi with green pepper this morning and satisfied my cravings.
For today's Bento, I packed stir fry sesame chicken with carrot, served on rice and bacon rolled kimchi with sweet green pepper. Cherries and peach sections complete the main dish. I learned the trick of using a big frying pan to do both the cooking of the bacon rolls and chicken from the ever so efficient Japanese housewives. Save me on gas on the stove and the washing up!

I was going for something juicy, spicy and crunchy for the Bacon rolls. Initially, I pan fried them first at one side of the frying pan for 10 mins and started with the sesame chicken at the other end of the pan. As long as your stove top or pan is not tilted and stands firm, both dishes will not clash in terms of tastes. The Bacon fat cooks the kimchi and pepper while retaining the crisp texture of the green pepper and the kimchi gives a subtle spicy kick to the bite. The chicken was marinated in sesame oil with Ponzu juice and black pepper and stir fried with addition of toasted white sesame seeds.

This year's fruits seasons have been rather early and I see all kinds of peaches popping in every grocery stores and cherries are abundant too. We missed out on the cherry picking season this time as it was very short due to the constant heavy rain and it is kind of a novelty fruit to us which can be expensive by the pounds and yet we will fork out our money and forgo with the ordinary banana and apples. Like Curry said, it is worth every penny as long as it goes into our own stomachs! Well, I surely hopes he thinks the same of my Bentos.

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