Saturday, June 28, 2008

Princess Wishes

Missy E is definitely growing up fast. Last year she wanted a Balloon theme cake and this year, she was singing to the Cinderella's Godmother "Salla Kah Dulla Michika Bulla" magical spell chant! Needless to say, Cinderella was her wanna be Princess select and she can't get enough of the character and wanted her birthday cake this year to be the Princesses theme.

Except for the paper plates, cups and napkins, everything else were not of the Princess theme for the birthday party menu. I don't really like the idea of throwing a big party for anything and there is no exception in my kids' party. And inviting only a few close friends is my idea of a nice and meaningful birthday rather than going all out to celebrate the occasion with casual acquaintances and parents who dread to be amongst strangers just for the sake to accompany and chaperone their kids who are the real invitees. And also, I admit that I cannot handle too many kids at the same time and making small conversations with everyone else is not my kind of thing.

Missy E was smiling all the way to the bakery to collect her cake and grinning all the way out of it carrying half of the box with Curry. I don't spoil my kids often and her happiness today was genuinely original and she learns to appreciate the moment rather than take things for granted. Yes.... I sound like a stern mother but I would like them to learn from young of life's values rather than letting them expect presents and favors all the time.

Birthday parties are about the parents too and so I set out to have some fun in the kitchen and invited the parents of our special little guests. While the girls and my little Prince D tagging along, have their own little time dressing up and doing whatever suits their tastes of the day, the adults were treated to a long lunch and a short game of tennis. Yup, Wimbledon fever is in except that champagne is not favored and strawberries were not picked this week!

It was really a test of my stamina and time management skills in working out today's dishes. I always love finger food and hors d'oeuvres and today was the perfect day to make them, easy small bites for the little ones and many choices for the adults to nibble the time away. Today's taste were totally Western and I sure hope everyone enjoyed the varieties. Mini sizes as they may be, but they made the best party food for my Missy E's special day. I wish her a very Happy Sweet 4th Birthday and may she grow up healthy and happy with all her dreams coming true.


Agnes said...

I was the 1st one to get the live pictures!!!! Happy 4th Birthday Erin!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Well done on your successful party! I especially like the pasta salad....looks very colourful and appetising!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

wish i could have a taste of all tt!