Monday, June 30, 2008

My Day

If the Americans feed on BBQ all summer long, my family and I feed on cakes! In this small household of mine, we have 2 summer babies and 1 summer adult, each birthday running in the consecutive months of June, July and August. Mine, rightfully being the oldest one of all three, falls on today. I am learning to believe that age is just a number, although the mind and body reluctant to go along with it, hence I will keep the number to myself. All I can say is that I have reached half of my life span and hopefully the next half will be even more meaningful and fun.

After last weekend's party and Missy E's early birthday celebration, I am not keen on sinking my teeth into another cake and definitely not making one for myself. However, Curry dutifully got me one and perhaps I haven't stressed enough to him how I prefer everything else to a chocolate cake, he went and got me one and I believe it has always been his favorite rather than mine. Infact the cake looks almost the same like the one I got for him in February! Ignorance or convenience, I leave it to him to reflect and one of my wishes for this birthday is that Curry will not fade away as a boring and unimaginative spouse and he better learn fast from today or else, I will grow old and cranky and end up a whinning nag bag for the remaining of mine and his lives!!!

For this day, I set out to make the chinese longevity buns, filled with sweet lotus nut paste and my birthday tradition of red egg for my own celebration. These little buns, shaped into bite sized peach shapes and served at the end of birthday celebrations at restaurants (and normally for the Birthday person who are over 50!) is a delight to make. The spraying of the red coloring with a clean bristle brush was the fun part and the buns tastes best when eaten hot from the steamer. The kids were eating one each with Prince D munching away and Missy E, in practising her new found love of criticizing everything, said she only wanted the bun without the filling! I saw that coming as she is pretty funny when eating certain food.... she would dig out all the custard filling from an egg tart and eat the pastry crust only. Like I always say, I am lucky to have 2 kids, both of different characters and preferences and Prince D is always there to pick up the mushed up egg custard and this time, I saved him of sugar overload and made Curry take Missy E's left over lotus paste. Well, he can't make me do the same though in terms of the chocolate cake! And I forsee that 8 inch cake will sit in my fridge for a whole week till I am in a sugar craving mood again.

I look forward to a better year with some goals set out and hopefully I achieve some if not all. So far, I can say that my life has its share of ups and downs just like everyone else and maybe luckier than some but not wholly complete yet. I see the life cycle as a test of one's soul, mind and body and to achieve a new number today and this far is a blessing and I am thankful for what I have been, am now and will be in the future. Happy Birthday to myself. And thank you to all my friends and families who have been sending their wishes.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, my friend. :)


crazymommy said...

Happy Birthday!!

And don't worry about the cake, just send some over! WE (i.e. my family!) will be glad to help you finish it up! Muahahaaa....

Agnes said...

Jie!!! Happy Birthday!!

dolly said...

oh... sorry for the delay.. happy belated bday to u.. nice cakes... wish to have a bite.. haha..

fr: dolly

Ling said...

Hello? Half of your life span? With the rate of advancement in medical sciences, I expect to live until at least 100 and with a good quality of life too. And so should you!

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Nice cake and happy belated birthday.. i am more than happy to share a slice of it!



Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

happy birthday!!