Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mango & Strawberry Pudding Tart

Nothing says summer better than a fruit tart. And no fruit tart is perfect without the ubiquitous summer fruit, strawberry. The sweet smell that exudes from this fruit is very tantalizing to the nerves and when picked fresh from the farm, one can never get enough of its squirting and dripping sweet red juice that smudge the fingers, lips and sometimes everywhere on the shirt. To describe the fruit, I think everything about the strawberry is sexy. Well, for a foodie, I tend to relate every food to every word description that I can find in a dictionary! And to say strawberries is sensuous is not a taboo!

The other fruit that is equally tempting is the mango. Having its origins in the tropical corners of the world, the mango that I get from the local grocery here is limited to the Tommy Atkins breed, which I would say is not the best in taste and color. Compared to the ones that are cultivated in South East Asia, this one tends to be lacking in its juice content and the sweetness is subtle with a more fibrous flesh and doesn't produce the succulent bite with a buttery like texture as in the Champagne Ataulfo type.

For this tart, I attempted the filling with a pudding like texture, as I think anything mango should be served cold to give that sweet cooling kick to the palate, which is appropriate on a hot summer day. I pureed some strawberries and mango pieces and added them to the custard powder, which is similar to the one that the Chinese dim sum restaurants use in their mango pudding. I might have possibly added too much of the custard powder, as the texture was a bit lumpy than creamy but it gave me an advantage for easier piping it into the sweet dough tart cases. The tart texture was very good, with buttery aroma lingering in every bite and it stayed crisp inside out. Nevermind the fillings, tarts are all about the shells, as long as it holds well and not soggy, it is the best teatime treat, eaten with or without fork.
We have been going mad picking strawberries over the week and besides these fruit tarts, they were used to make smoothies too. I love my smoothie thick, coating and leaving a moustache with every gulp. The kids were more amazed with the blender and seeing the strawberries turn from red round solid to pink mushy cream. All I can say is summer is sweeter with strawberries and more luscious with mango to go with it!


Anonymous said...

How sexy is the strawberry again? (Wink! Wink!)Does this mean that another Junior is on his/her way?

Lily Anette said...

Funny! Didn't realised my description of the fruit can go that far! What a thought and I am laughing!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

i admire ur being able to cook n take care of the family w/o any help. those r beautiful colorful summer pics.