Monday, June 9, 2008

The Look

The latest TV show called "She's Got the Look" is very appealing to me. Partly due to the fact that I am one micro organism among the millions of over the age 35 female homosapiens living on this planet and the show caters to my taste and expectations and also I need a solace place where Britney Spears and Hannah Montana have no say and no share of the spotlight! Oh... and also Paris Hilton.

Very soon I will hit another number in my lifespan and as the day gets nearer, I can't help but simultaneously reminisce of my younger days and contemplate another new year with matured outlook. The feelings are mixed, sometimes I am excited but at times, I do sigh! Perhaps this is my mid-life crisis mark or just another one of those women uncertainties moment when we all try to figure on what we can do to avoid the next sunspot and lines on our face.

My appearance is not that bad but clearly, age and number do matter. No matter how much confidence a woman has and the over the top phrase that "sexiness comes from the inside" circulates around to comfort those who has limited natural endowed beauty, we cannot escape from the fact that the days go by and years add up with the inner body system slowly giving way and the fountain of youth slowly flowing away.

Back to the show. The contestants were amazingly beautiful and if not outstanding in looks, at least in physique and posture. While all the beauty gurus and magazines play with our minds on how to have a Million dollar face and the media always put emphasis on celebrities who do indeed spend millions to look beautiful, these group of women clearly did not use a million dollar to be that fit and amazing. So it does give hope to me that I can still look stunning if I work hard to be one and ensure that my mental state is positive towards a change in my bad habits of living the lazy sedentary life. And like I told my friend, MegJoe.... we want people to say "Hey, you look wonderful.. how did you do it?" instead of the only compliments we get these days of "Your kids look beautiful" and nothing else.

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