Friday, June 13, 2008

June Bento Days (5)

Haven't been making Bentos for Curry for a month now and with the summer days and good weather, I think he would prefer to lunch at those quick places with bars when he can enjoy a bottle of beer rather than being cooped up in the office. And I am getting pretty lethargic these days with the allergies attacking mostly in the morning when my nose is totally out of form from the sneezing and sniffles.

However, when one gives me a break, another one always has something going on. Missy E was at summer camp for 5 days this week and she had to bring her lunch box and seriously, I think I am a very hard working mom! Anyhows, it was her first time in using her cute pink Bento box, complete with matching fork, spoon and chopsticks and so the food that it contains must be good and presentable too.

Packing lunch boxes for kids can be challenging too as it is smaller and yet there must be varieties to entice their little palates. Moreover it is summer and any type of food that is packed will need to withstand a certain time before lunch time. Lucky me, I found the smallest ice pack and compact lunch tote for her Bento box at one of those junk stores where they sell all sorts of things that you thought you can never find and yet they stock it up the shelves! I guess the title 'stay home mom' should be omitted in my case and changed to 'multi tasking mum' as having kids really make one work so much harder from taking care of the house to shopping for them.

Missy E surely enjoys her food and doesn't need any supervision during meal time and if only Prince D can be half as good as she is, I can have my own nice lunchbox too with all the colors and flavors! Everyday she came back with an empty box and I am glad she enjoyed all the food that I packed so far, although I will admit that another week of summer camp will surely drive me nuts as I have totally run out of ideas. I really admire the BentoBoxes blogger mums who can do this everyday and sometimes their creativities are just mind boggling.

I guess this week was a good practice for me as I will have to do it everyday when Missy E and Prince D enter full day school next time. All I can say is... for the love of my kids, I will do it. The idea of downing processed food and high sugary and fat snacks at some of the school lunches really makes me more determined to do this and what is more important is the health of my kids and not the extra sleep that I can get from the morning stretch.


Anonymous said...

hey, i lurve the bento meals! the food looks soo cute.. is the box stacked on each other?


Lily Anette said...

yes.Everything Japanese is cute, functional and good quality.

Bento Pet said...

Love your bentos!!