Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Heinous and Unpunishable

Today's results from the US Supreme Court decision on whether the punishment by death of convicted child rapists should be implemented left me disappointed and sad. Although I am a liberal person and would see things from both side, I don't see why these type of people deserves any type of mercy from the lethal shot of death. With due respect, the judges should have unanimously allowed the death penalty as the crime itself is the epitome of devil's work at its worst and the perpetrators do not deserve another day on earth nor allowed to rot in the prison cells that we, the law abiding taxpayers pay for!
Rape of any kind is heinous and rape of a child is equivalent of murdering a helpless individual. Any sorts of wrongdoing against a child from pornography, abduction, abuse to prostitution is unforgivable. Rape should be the one that justifies the most severe law penalty. How is a child will ever be normal anymore after such incidents and no matter what therapy they receive from good intention organizations and personnels, the gruesome details of the crime will never be erased in their whole life. As in all of us, we can sometimes forget good times but we never forget those who has crossed us and made our lives miserable. I cannot imagine what these children go through everyday, fear of every adult, the dark, nightmares and not having any confidence in anything they do. Regardless of all the love and support from their families or good hearted people whom themselves are not the ones who were victimised, these children are the only one who have to understand their own situation and learn to trust and grow up with a difficult mental state and anguish personality.
When a child is born, a new life begins. Growing up safely is their right and we parents struggle our best to give them the most in life and to see such bad things happening to your own child generates a mixture of anger and sadness beyond any words describable. Sometimes, these children are the victims within their own families, as in this particular case that was referred to the US Supreme Court in the first place and if the highest court cannot see the importance of setting a good law to deter the numbers of such incidents happening again, will the victims ever feel justice and peace within themselves? It is not a good course to exhort the saying "An Eye for an eye, A tooth for a tooth" but some crimes are just so darn wrong that requires no further consideration for appeal nor forgiveness at all and the perpetrators should be made to pay with the utmost price, their undeserving lives! To be eliminated from the face of the earth and giving the victims the assurance that these people will never ever surface again to haunt their thoughts and lives is the best justice they can get.


Anonymous said...

Agree with u 100%!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

i used to think all humans r born good. but now the crimes r so beyond belief--take the case of the father in austria who locked up his daughter n had a brood of kids with her. gang rapes. paedophiles. n in msia, ppl who blow up their ex-mistress. it is incomprehensible.

Ling said...

It's a sad sad time we are living in when kids can no longer be naive and trusting. Just the other day, my friend tried to hug his 3-year old niece and she pushed him away, saying, "Don't molest me!". I don't think I even knew the word "molest" until I was in my teens!