Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father Figure

Father's Day is celebrated today. For those who are celebrating with their families, it is a happy occasion and a happy feeling to a man that he is loved, respected and admired by his children. And for those who have passed, the surviving family members can only reminisce the good times shared and given to them by their departed fathers.

My father has passed on for almost 9 years now but I never forget whatever we had together as father and daughter. He was a strong figure and never failed to educate and pamper me at the same time. His sudden demise was a blow to my mind and soul and every year on the anniversary of his death, my mind will linger back to that day when I saw him for the last time. His words and actions are still fresh in my memory and sometimes I do feel that he hasn't left me at all and now with my own kids, I see the resemblance of my own hopes and dreams as a parent with his pattern of upbringing me and my brothers. As with all Chinese fathers, he never uttered the lovey dovey words but his hardwork in the office and his own time given up shuffling us here and there at the ring of the school bell and his determination to put us all through tertiary education levels are proofs of his fatherly love.

Sometimes I think it is harder to be a father than a mother. Women are natural nag bags and they can simply tell all about their joys and sorrows but fathers have to maintain a more stoic face and be the decision maker in most of the family issues. They are expected to settle mishaps and problems, minor or major.... everyone seems to call Dad to save the day. Although I am a tough mother myself , sometimes I do break down mentally when I have been with the kids for too long or when my moody days strikes, I will just beg Curry to save my day before it becomes more unbearable and let me take a break. Perhaps a little reluctant but yet he never said no.

To all fathers, you are treasured as much as the mothers. Love your kids and understand them as they will always look up to their dads as their heroes in everything. Happy Father's Day.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

well said. i sometimes wish my hub has some of my dad's qualities: strong, decisive,always in charge n always teaching us about manners, virtues n our culture.

u say u r a tough mother? i think it's probably bc like me, u have a hub who's too easy or soft with the kids, so u have to be the 'bad' guy. am i right?

Lily Anette said...

I think Clueless is the more appropriate word to describe it!