Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cocoa Charlotte with Strawberry Mousse

It is the middle of the week and I must be crazy to attempt baking with the kids screaming and running around. Throughout the whole process, I was working fast with both hands doing whisking and stirring at opposite sides of the countertop. With the new mixer I got from Mother's Day, I figured that I can do more than I can handle.

Father's day will be this Sunday and we are celebrating early as Curry will be out of town. Well, just another excuse so that we can all eat something fattening and creamy. As he is the main breadwinner, anything we buy from the store will be his own buying anyway, so making him something from our kitchen will be the most original idea!
Although I dislike doing craft work, this cake appealed to me. Aligning and arranging those sponge fingers together was like building a jigsaw puzzle. As my piping skills was equally lousy, I got irregular shapes and lengths when piping those sponge batter and within the chaos, I actually knocked down one baking sheet full of the piped batter on the floor! Luckily, it wasn't face down or else I swear I will not bake again and declare my Bake Galore closed!
The multiple recipes I saw on Charlotte uses the Bavarian Cream as filling. I was tempted to cook up a strawberry version but the richness of the egg content kind of put me off the idea when the sponge fingers itself was made up mainly of eggs too. I used the strawberry mousse version which comprised of heavy cream and strawberry puree. The gelatin was the main ingredient and without it, the sponge cake would have fallen apart with pink mousse spilling all over. The ribbon wouldn't even save the day then!
Overall, the baking part was easy and perhaps the piping part was supposed to be easy too as I didn't even use any of the piping tips but straight from the piping bag itself. The addition of cocoa was because Curry always like chocolate cake but I will avoid baking with it if possible as I can only handle chocolate on a bar, while baking and cooking with it means messiness and extra fat from the licking of the left over in the mixing bowl. Strawberry is in season and pink is always nice on a cake. I would think peach will be a nice color and flavor too with this cake. As the sponge fingers were uneven in lengths, I trimmed them and Missy E and Prince D were happily picking up the trims and gobbling away their afternoon snack of the day. The springform pans were a saver as you can easily release the side latch and slowly take out the molded cake after a 2 hour setting in the fridge. As usual, I made 2 smaller sizes of this cake and probably it is much easier to assemble and molded this way rather than do a big one.
The cakes have been left untouched till this hour as I would like the mousse to set firmer and since the kids are already in bed, we will enjoy it tomorrow. Afterall, I already know what it tastes like as I dipped the remaining sponge into the remaining mousse.... what can I say except that I might have to lock the fridge tonight to avoid the cakes becoming my midnight snack!
Happy Father's Day Curry! Be a better father than you are already now and our kids are the luckiest ones! I will save my compliments till there is a Happy Husband's Day.


Agnes said...

Such a pretty sight of the cake!!! I doubt Gor is going to help you finish that... haha~ Wish him a Happy Father's Day in advance for me :D

crazymommy said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!So pretty!!
Curry is such a lucky man!! I just baked some cookies with Nikita a while ago. Then she had a bite and said to me... "Mommy, I don't want any more. It's not nice."
=_= My DH better gobbles them up, else this will be the last time I'm going to bake cookies ever!!