Thursday, May 22, 2008

Summer Plans

Missy E will be off school soon and I am feeling the pinch. After a peaceful 10 months with lots of guided activities, craft lessons and shifted responsibilities of entertaining and chaperoning my kid to her class teacher, I am suddenly in a limbo as to what shall I do when the summer holidays comes. Will I still have the patience to go through the whole weekdays with 2 kids, 14 hours to be exact, after deducting their nap and sleep time? Will my summer days be filled with children's activities only and never will I get to read a complete novel again?

We are all creature of habits and I am so used of having Missy E being out of the house for 8 hours each week, within reach and yet not in sight while Prince D clings on to me and quietly learns to play on his own and I get to do my stuffs, even little and yet still something done for the day. Summer camps only last for 1 week for her age group and still another 2 months to go before her new school year begin.... sigh.

Although there are many activities available at the mercy of the green dollar for the summer months, to enrol her into too many might just give her the jitters and makes her think mum really doesn't like her being home! Don't get me wrong, I love my kids but if there is an easy way out, I am always open to suggestions as no one will ever understand the peace of having one kid only at home at one time and to have some quiet time to do things with attention and concentration, is simply priceless to a stay home mom. Perhaps I should remind myself that they grow up fast and I should relish the moments and forget about all the whinings and tantrums as part and parcel of motherhood. Summer here I come!!!

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