Monday, May 5, 2008

Sticker Price Shock

We were shopping for Asian groceries over the weekend. We always go overboard with everything from canned straw mushrooms to dried noodle sticks and despite the news of the increasing price of food staples, Curry and I couldn't care less. Going into a well stocked Asian store was like an adventure to satisfy our cravings for all ingredients found easily in our hometown and for other things that we might never try back home but willing to fork out money to try over here! For 2 adults in my household, we bought two boxes of Instant Noodle, 24 packets in each just because we share a different level of spiciness in tastebuds. Curry was into the Korean KimChi Noodle and me, the Laksa flavor. The bulkiest thing I ever bought when I was in a supermarket in Malaysia was a big bag of toilet paper rolls and never did I realised that our grocery shopping here has adopted the American household way of shopping, all bulky and filling up the shopping cart with as much as possible.

Then came the rice. There were always more than 5 choices of brands for us to pick and intuitively, we went for the Brand with the less sacks left, understandably, the most reasonable and popular one or else everyone would not have been buying it! The cashier happily scanned the items and we happily bagged everything. '$146.00 please', she said. 'Huh?' I said!

That sack of rice costs $24.00. Four months ago, we bought 2 sacks and the total was $26.00. Gosh, now I felt like I am part of my daily NBC news when everytime I see Brian Williams talking about food prices! Where did this sudden surge of price comes from? Is the economic theory of demand generates supply and vice versa never going to see another day anymore? My silly mind kept thinking all sorts of questions on the way home... why is it everyone is suddenly into eating rice; what are the rice producing countries doing when there should have been more supply if the demand for it has shot up long time ago; what is our government planning to do since Costco has limited the amount of rice that we can buy; and most of all.... do we have to go without rice one day?? Missy E will cry if that happens!

I totally agreed with my brother and Curry that all these panic are created by human who controls the pricing of commodities, from gas to food. See, if we don't hoard 5 sacks of rice and store them in our basement, there might not be a shortage in the market and if everyone else are hoarding, then the supply in the market is seen as short and wouldn't this raise the price demanded by those who had to reproduce the commodities in a shorter time period? Are we ourselves to blame for our sticker shocker price? At the meantime, we just have to make sure that our rice cooker content is all consumed and nothing go to waste and perhaps I will tell Missy E that we are going on a low carb diet for a little while.


crazymommy said...

Hiak Hiak Hiak... now u still want to laugh at my kiasuism or not?! :P

But then, i think my 3 bags of rice is going to last me a long long time. -_-

Lily Anette said...

Lets just say that I won't contribute to the shortage.