Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May Bento Days (1)

As with the warmer days of spring, I try to spend less time in the kitchen laboring over the stovetop and spend more time doing things outside. And I find cooking extra at one time and freezing some of it for later meals is the most easiest way to detach myself a bit from the kitchen. I kept a small bowl of the steamed taro pork from last week hidden in the freezer and used it for the Bento today.

For dishes with sauce and dark gravy, the taste only gets better after overnight and in this case, over the week. Another short steaming in the wok and with sprinkle of scallions, it looks as good as it was first cooked. The cabbage is a very nutritious vegetable with multiple vitamins and fiber and blanched in boiling water for just 30 to 45 seconds and drained, it retains its crunchiness and a good substitute for lettuce. Curry's diet and his over emphasis on including lots of vegetables in his food has kind of overtaken my way of preparing food and instead of throwing in the baby tomatoes, I put in some raw carrot sticks, with a little bit of ranch dressing.

It is already the 5th month of the year and is it me or same with everyone else, that I feel the spring and summer months come and go by very quickly and yet the winter days seems to last forever! Every year and after each winter, my mood is lifted that I will never see it again for the next 9 to 10 months and yet these months seems to be so short with too much things to accomplish and finish up before the next snowflake drop again.

Just these past 3 weeks, we have seen and heard too many human tragedies already and it makes me think whether the world is coming to an end soon as mother nature seems to be throwing its fury everywhere through major rain, flood, earthquake and tornadoes. I agree with the environmentalist and Al Gore's stand that we, human beings have in a way caused the global warming effect. Even though nature itself has its own natural occurences and evolution over the times, we cannot deny that man's science and development have a hand in forming on how lives are lived on earth and with waste, over pollution and over de-forestation in the name of development which have affected the balanced content and proportion of air, gas and water around us, we cannot blame it all on nature anymore.

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