Saturday, May 17, 2008

Love them and they Love back

For the past 2 days, my body ached and my mind bewildered while my eyes prefer to shut all the time. It is the worst time to be sick when you are a mum and being the full day caretaker of your kids! My kids always looked up to me, the Mighty Mom who roars when things are in a mess, got crazy rolling in their play tunnel when she wants to be crazy like them and serves lunch and dinner on time everyday! But for the last 2 days, I was lame and simply mindless on whatever I was doing. Resting on the couch was all I wanted but resting my mind is not something I can do, as Missy E and Prince D can really turn the whole house upside down within minutes. And when I am helpless, I start thinking of the worst scenarios... what if I fainted? what if something is really serious brewing inside me? what if my flu spread and all of us are sick ? The "What If...." makes me long for people from home. I cannot help but wish that I have more of my extended family members around to take the kids for the day and be around when I need company most.

The 2 days went by slowly and the kids felt caged as they were running for their shoes when Curry open the door for the evening stroll. However, they were exceptionally good for the said 2 days, Missy E being the leader in line, lead Prince D up and down in the house, chatting and giggling away in their own language while I really dozed off on the sofa for hours , half resting and half jerking up to sudden screams and yells of the kids. At times, Missy E would come check on me, putting a blanket over me as if I was one of her dolls while Prince D came patting my hand with his mischievous smirk! As if they understood that I was so disabled and they took their turns to comfort me with their little touches and smiles.

Although the house was in a mess after their unsupervised play, I let them off this time. To have them love me during my sick hours was all that I treasured. I am proud of Missy E for being a good daughter and Prince D, simply being himself, goofy and yelling 'MAMA!' all the time. Even though I was sick, those "MAMA" sounded so warm and filled with love!

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Anonymous said...

Missy E & Prince D are so cute in their little ways. Hope you get well soon!