Saturday, May 24, 2008

Home Bound Break

Memorial Day Weekend is here and the BBQ grills are rolled out in most neighborhoods. I guess with this year's spike in prices of gas and everything else, to spend the dollars on gas grills seems to make more sense and worthwhile than to feed the vehicles for travels away from home. Conversations this long weekend seems to emphasize on the high prices of everything rather than remembering the fallen ones who had sacrificed their lives for the peace and solidarity of the human kind.
The recent announcement of American Airlines to charge $15 per baggage checked really boggles my mind as to whether we can travel anymore these days without the need to give up good hotels and limit the activities at the destination of travel in order to get to there in the first place. Checked baggage with limited amount and weight is part and parcel of every air travel and travelling light is not a practice that Americans can live with and to impose such ridiculous charge, isn't it daylight robbery? I can live with the increase of prices in food and gas, but some ideas just makes us all feel so taken advantage of!
So what is a family of 4 like mine to do on a long weekend when travelling far and over the continents is not an option? Easy, invite good friends over to have a good meal together, laugh away the day with drinks and wine and still be happy at the end of the day without spending a penny to go far away for a break. Life can still be enjoyable if we have the right company and even though we may have to pinch a bit of here and there, not being able to travel far and wide is not a big deal afterall. A trip measured and limited is never going to be fun but a good day within our own compound when everyone enjoys themselves without much consideration for the dollars and cents is more relaxing than any traffic and overstuffed compartments above your head in the airplane!


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

hi, thanks for dropping a comment on my site. this is a great blog, nice to know anothe food fiend, i'll come back for more!

Agnes said...

Jie Jie Jie!!! That is one good SATAY~ why no post up recipe??? Is that the Thai style mihun salad u always make when you in KK???